The V-2 Offensive on London

V-2 Offensive on London

In September 1944 Hitler unleashed on London his ultimate Vengeance Weapon - the V-2, a ballistic missile that arrived without warning, demolished entire streets and against which there was no defence.

When the V-2 entered service it sent shock waves through the Allied high command. Arriving at speeds faster than the speed of sound, the V-2 arrived without warning, but with enough force to destroy an entire street. The death tolls from V-2 blasts could be horrific, with more than 140 people being killed in an instant.

In this book defence analyst Andrew May traces the development of the V-2 from pre-war pipe dreams to horrific reality. He looks at the reasons why Hitler unleashed the fury on London and how the Allies responded - and at the impact the campaign had on ordinary Londoners. A true tale of terror, horror and courage.

This short ebook (ISBN 978-1-909099-19-7) is available in Kindle format from and Amazon UK, and in EPUB format via iTunes and elsewhere.

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