The Naked Guru

The Naked Guru

The Naked Guru, 7000 words

What is the secret of the Kundalingam a huge phallic icon with a snake wrapped around it? A trio of super-powered bookworms Tilly Fontana, Monica Moonmaiden and Ratgirl delve into the mystery of the Void: a sinister sex cult that lurks in the back-streets of Oxford. Their quest leads them into a bizarre world of ancient mystical secrets and sleazy rituals, culminating in a deadly encounter with a sex-crazed former professor.

Suggested for Mature Readers.

Available as a Kindle book from and Amazon UK, and as an ebook from iTunes and elsewhere (ISBN 978-1-4717-4725-0).

Also available as bonus story in the paperback version of The Aquarius Code, from Lulu.

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